SWOT-Analyse of myself

Strengths of me

My strengths are more on the technology side from media. In my spare time I work with media. At the HFU I started the „Foto & Video Referat“ and I work on the AStA Homepage. For semi-professional work experience I had some internships. For example one internship was at the SWR Radiostation cutting audio and technical stuff. Another internship was at Bosch PT, were I worked as a video editor. In my thesis I constructed an NLP extension for a Chatbot. Now I work as a „HiWi“ at the Future care Lab of the HFU.


Weaknesses I have

One of my weaknesses is that I’m a Jack of all Trades and Master of none. My skills are basic for example if I design something it’s more standard, I have problems designing for teenagers or mid twenties.

Opportunities I hope for

To improve my design capabilities of modern design and to learn new ways of design thinking. I hope to improve myself by interesting projects.



My biggest fear is that this course is all self lecture. I need more Input about design thinking or more of design theory. Building something is good but I would like to see more example Ideas and analyse them.