What I learned through the interview

Throuw my Interview with my partner I leard more then I thought. What suppriced me mostly was that he was not realy consernt about the enviromental balance or of the matirial, He wanted more a sustainable wallet for a long Time. 

His most importent Points

Good things ablout his wallet:
  • Everything is easy to Reach
  • A metal chain for safety
  • everything is secured by a zipper
Bad things about his wallet:
  • Not every card is visible
  • not realy fast to open
Expectations and needs:
  • Enoth space for 12-14 Cards (EC, HFU, ect.)
  • Imitation Leather as matirial
Other important informations from the Interview:
  • The Price can be arround 85€
  • Fuction for Design

Making the Prototype

Drawn Drafts

The first designe after the first viewing he liked it

After some looking for inspiration Ifound some wallets and copied the folding cardholder so It could hold more cards. This is importend for the goal of place for 14 cards.

Making stencils

Out of cardboard I made some stencils for easy sewing.

Cutting the material

I used the cardboart for marking the matirial. For the matirial I couches leather imitat normaly for upholstered furniture. Its cheap and rubust and realtiv easy to sew.


Sewing the matirial.

The nearly finished version

This version matched the main goals of the holding 14 cards and can even hold at least 16 cards without to much overlapping. Its fast to open and every thing is realtiv easy to reach.The Matirial matches the request and even the color was good for him.


The magnets are the main feature of this wallet. It was „designed“ to work with a Smartphone. So you can if you want just but both together and have only one pack in the pocket. The other thing is you could jut but a small metal plate on the wall to have a place in your wallet.

What is missing

What is missing, for a time reasons, is the change pocket inside the money pocket. It should easy to empty. Maybe inside can be another metal plate or it will be sewn on in a way to turn upside down to empty it without holding turning the hole wallet upside down.


Fore the cards is a holder missing wich stops the card from falling down. A pocket for every card made out of a thin matirial should do it.

What changed between the first drawings and the finished wallet?

While the sewing prosess, I changed the position of the money pocket from the left side to the upper side. The change pocket was removed from the inner front an moved inside the wallet. So more cards have space.

Nice to have

With a laser I tested to engrave some figures. The next thing would be to deside on a motive and engrave it.