Define and finding Goals

Our management receives all relevant data of our plants (Werke) from controlling as an excel file. Our secretary processes this excel data to diagrams and copies the excel file on our big touch screen in the main conference room for daily meetings. We need a contemporary solution! A sophisticated, interactive presentation system of our production figures for discussions. The excel file provides the following information: the number of produced units, the reject rates (Ausschuss), costs for wearing parts (Kosten für Verschleißteile) and sickness notifications of employees. We get this data from all three plants every day at 10:00 p.m. (Note: screen resolution: FullHD)


  • Designed for touch screen interface
  • Graph for produced Units
  • Graph for reject rates
  • Graph for wearing parts
  • Graph for sickness notifications
  • Graph of three Companies

Define Graphs

Because of the nature of all the informations the way of presenting theme schould be different.

Produced Units

For the prduced Unit Chart it should represent  the produced units for every day, The problem here is that there are party witch are produced in hundert thousand per month and other maybe just only fifty in a month.

Costs Wearing Parts

This graph maybe should not only show what the Company spend on these parts it schould also show which parts are more to fail or need to be replaced more often. 

Reject Rates

The graph should at least show the return rate of every product. Other things should be seen there too like in which part of production the part of production it get get thrown out.

Sickness Notifications

For this it must be very easy to read there should be more then one indicater.  Like one for worker that are in long rehabilitation stand one for short term sicknesses like flu ore something.

The Designs

First draft

Start Screen

In this draft the Start Screens represent the companies. If you click on it would  go to the Second Screen.

Second draft

This draft is after the group talk. With new idears I redesigned the drafts and reogenniced the screen.

Start Screen

Like on the the First draft every diagram represents one Company but is now combind with Information and a map legend attached.
The size of light blue Cyrcel represent the max capasity of workers in the factory. The blue circle is the real numer of workers that ar in the factory. The carts arround the circles could show the field of work in which every worker is.



Here the most Important Informations are set in comparison. The first


This screen should be used to explain the diagram. It contains extra informations like how the data was collected. This Informations can also be used for comunications.

Overview each Company

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