IKEA(or other big furniture shops) Voice App

The Basics

The App

For this projekt I tryed to conscept an app for an furniture shop. When you are open the regular App or you are near one of there shop locations, it starts the interaction.

Parking Navigation

The first Interactionwould be when the costomer comes near a parking lot of the furniture shop. It would help top find the best free parking spot and shows where the shoppingcards are. Than you could mark your parkingspot.

Shopping List

The next would be an Agent which for the shopping purpose. Its many use will be to Guide through the Store.

The disability Agent

This Agent is for people with disabilitys. Speaking interfaces are for some people better than a touch one. For blind people it could be helping with finding the way to some tings or discrib the color of products and give side informations that are important for special use.

The Guide

This Agent is for the arrivel at the Store. It only tries to guide the user through a parking space and than helps to find all the importen things. This Agent is a yes or no kind of bot, it ask questions mostly buy it self and waits for a response.

Shopping App

This shopping app can be manilyused to go The basic W questins. It is more indipenden than the guide and isa more intelegent agent.