Tablets and Watches

Priority List

Because I try to reuse most of the Assets bevor design new one. But because of the smaler size some things have to change.

1. Controll

Most of the contoll should me made by touch controll and motion controll.


2. Screens

It has to be more screens because of the size of everything.

3. Informations

The problem is with the explaining. Text has to be very short because its hard to read much text on a Smartwatch.



Problems I head

On is that it is realy bugging me is that i could make it work to swipe up or down to change pages.

The next thing was, that Im pritty bad at desiding how big text should be to be reabil. I head problems to deside how much text the smartwatch can display. Or how other apps uses the touch screen.


On the Smartephone the reuse of illustrations and charts was easy.


With the watch i head big trubble designing I never realy head a smartwatch in hand ore even see one in use. I think i used the charts wrong.So i tryed to get inspired.

As seen in this picture text is used very lightly. Its 4 liens max and not many words. In other examples

App Test